The MUSICA Project invites you to participate in research to help us understand how people likely to benefit from the Project view its plans and progress. This research can help shape MUSICA’s role with its stakeholders and wider community.

In addition, this research is designed to let the project know:

  • How the project and its performance is viewed;
  • How well the project and its partners understand and respond to your and other stakeholders’ needs;
  • Where and how improvements can be made.

For more information about the project, please visit our website here.

We greatly appreciate your participation in this questionnaire to help the MUSICA project and platform develop to better serve the community.

Agreement to Participate

Please read the following statements:

  • When my responses are used for reporting or publication, my identifiable personal information will be removed from quotations or reported statistics.
  • The information I provide about myself is confidential. My identity will not be disclosed to a third party or made public. This may require replacing my name with a pseudonym to protect my identity.
  • My participation is voluntary and I can withdraw at any time.
  • I have received adequate information about my participation in this study and understand what will happen to the information I provide.
I consent for my data to be used for the following purposes (required):
If you do not agree with any of the statements above, would like clarification before starting, or have difficulties completing this form, please email Dr Eric A. Jensen, senior research fellow at ICoRSA (MUSICA project partner): e.jensen2012@icloud.com

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About you

We have a few questions about your background and experience.

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